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Topic: e621 Uncensored: TamperMonkey script

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This will probably break or get patched extremely quickly but I don't really care.


This is a Tampermonkey script which enables viewing of censored ("blacklisted by default") posts for users who aren't logged in. Tampermonkey is an add-on available for Chrome and Firefox which allows convenient injection of third-party scripts in to websites to modify their behaviour and functionality.

The script only functions on the post search pages, and image viewing pages. Pools remain censored.

Due to a lack of efficient way being too lazy to use the right API to get all information about a post on the search pages, the post status (including border colour), score, comment count, and favourite count, are all missing on the posts inserted by the script. Censored video posts aren't directly supported, you have to use the "Download" link.

For both logged-out and logged-in users this also re-adds the "Uploader" field to the sidebar. The script shouldn't have any impact on logged-in users otherwise.



e621 Uncensored Script (v1.2, 8th March 2020)

Source Link:

Direct Install Link:



Tampermonkey addon for Firefox:
Tampermonkey addon for Chrome:
Other browsers: See for more information

Once the add-on is installed, just click on the "Direct Install Link" above to install it.

On Firefox you may wish to go to Menu -> Add-ons > Extensions -> Tampermonkey -> Run in Private Windows
On Chrome you may wish to go to Menu -> Extensions -> Tampermonkey [Details] -> Allow in incognito


Also any other monkey, like the original greasemonkey, violentmonkey should be able to load the script as well.

tilcreator said:
I don't see why it would get blocked,

I didn't know that the json api provided the md5 hash legitimately at the time I wrote that. It should be fine if I switch from scraping the Atom feed to the JSON API, but its still pretty likely that it breaks at some point due to other change made to the site.

tilcreator said:
Pools can be worked around with pool:poolid

That could work, though there's no indication of censorship on the pool pages so I'd have to make the request for every pool page loaded.

I can't find a way to get search results in pool order, either. works to get the post IDs in order, but in order to make sure multi-page pools retain the correct ordering on different pages would be impossible without looking up individual posts by ID. :(

Edit: pool:xxxxx order:pool seems like it should work, but it doesn't. I could limit the feature to de-censoring pools with a maximum of 75 posts (maybe 320 if I cache the data in sessionStorage or something), otherwise its going to be too abusive I think.

tilcreator said:
Maybe you can add the script to the tools wiki page, to that more users find it.

Wasn't aware of that, but it sounds like a bit of a conflict of interest.


Thanks for this. Shame the users have to fix these dumb decisions. I get that it might be necessary, but it's absolutely boneheaded that you cannot disable it without making an account. e621 has gotten much more hostile to users without accounts.

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