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Topic: Cumshot Aliases (Bulk Update Request)

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The bulk update request #257 is pending approval.

create alias cum-rope -> cum_string
create alias cum_rope -> cum_string
create alias cumrope -> cum_string
create alias cum-ropes -> cum_string
create alias cum_ropes -> cum_string
create alias cumropes -> cum_string
create alias cum-shot -> cumshot
create alias money-shot -> cumshot
create alias money_shot -> cumshot

Reason: Some aliases to cumshot I discovered while compiling the BUR for topic #27311.





I mostly added it as cum_ropes -> cumshot because of the below post, since it's the only non-deleted post tagged with one of the variants of cum_ropes.

Though this example probably wouldn't qualify for cum_string, I can see how that would be the preferred alias. I'll fix the BUR and the post above.

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