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The bulk update request #5916 is active.

remove alias eam0 (0) -> eamart (10)

Reason: Suggest a two-part BUR:
part1) starting with unalias eam0 -> eamart , because old alias seems to cause problem when trying to alias eamart to new tag.

Artist has moved to new FA username (gmerk).
(gmerkart in part2 of BUR because some of their usernames are GMerkArt)
says (in latest FA blog post):
Jul 18, 2021 ...

Heya! I created this account some years ago as Eam, but then I changed my nickname to GMerk. And I was Gmerk but on Eam-art account X) Want to fix that!
If you want to see my art - please watch+ my new account"

* includes :
"... My old gallery on FA "
(and includes links to GMerk usernames and GMerkArt usernames)

GMerk usernames (include in their FA userpage):
3) Telegram:

GMerkArt usernames (include in their FA userpage):
1) (displays as "GMerkArt") "Deviant for 2 years" ... with 3 artworks (all 3 human)
2) with female avatar photo ... 61 posts (mostly art).
3) "Joined November 2020" ... 7 media tweets (all art).{GMerkArt twitter says "NSFW account: @GMerkArt_NSFW"}

  • DA footnote: (presumably didn't go with gmerk username because already exists "Deviant for 16 years"; NO art in DA @Gmerk gallery)
  • instagram footnote: presumably didn't go with Gmerk username because someone else (a guy named "Garth") already had that username {it is a photo account}.
  • Twitter footnote: presumably didn't go with Gmerk username because someone else already has that username "Joined July 2009" {the @Gmerk twitter is an inactive conservative account with no art}.


eamart with 168 posts
(old FA has "Submissions: 350", so potentially almost 182 other arts could be added to e621 with eamart tag)

gmerk with 16 posts.
(new FA has "Submissions: 218")


(Not adding to old alias forum topic
because adding to thread with old topic TITLE seem to restrict interest and slow progress)

EDIT: The bulk update request #5916 (forum #382621) has been approved by @slyroon.

Updated by auto moderator

part2 BUR:
alias eam0 -> gmerk
alias eamart -> gmerk
alias gmerkart -> gmerk

edit: If I go ahead and "Request BUR" (part2) to this thread
does the "duplicate of has blocking transitive relationships" get resolved when part1 of BUR is approved?


Just a short post regarding artworks in both old galleries
1) DA eam0
2) FA Eamart
(ie. aliasing eam0 -> gmerk will be correct)

1) "Height"
DA: "Published: Nov 14, 2015"
FA Eamart: "posted Oct 23, 2015" (FA date earlier then DA date)
post #1033765

2) "Cat and Wolf"
DA: "Published: Sep 10, 2015"
FA Eamart: "posted Sep 10, 2015 " (oh, SAME day)
post #1033755

3) "My Doctor - My Master"
DA: "Published: Nov 19, 2014"
FA Eamart: "posted Nov 16, 2014"
post #1033361

(choose examples that were in DA gallery, then managed to find e621 thumbnails)

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