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The tag alias #69071 swb -> halfcut has been approved.

Reason: These are the exact same thing except one is infinitely more descriptive. I initially thought swb was a typo and was going to get rid of it, but apparently it stands for "short waist body" (which we might also want to alias to halfcut) and it's the name for these goofy things I've seen in the past. The wiki page for this tag says the body type is also known as halfcut, which is tagged on the same images as swb. Combine that with the tag looking like a mistake, and I don't think this needs to be here.

EDIT: The tag alias swb -> halfcut (forum #398163) has been approved by @slyroon.

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strikerman said:
i had no idea these were even a thing

Same, they were always just the thing that people commented "amogus" on and were downvoted to hell

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