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Gym Bunny. It's that kind of workout.
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  • foxyvixen69 said:
    You can kinda tell he doesnt get too much practice. It doesn't really look...IN, and the textures look extremely dry, like they're raw doggin or something. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into the expressions and frontal anatomy but he doesnt look too comfortable with anal regions. Which I think everyone would like to see more of.

    I really want to see Chunie do a comic.

    doenst look dry to me but he could paint wetness like he did in previous pics but to be fair actual anal sex isnt always super wet

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  • nine_tailed_fury said:
    Maybe being plain is the best thing...

    How does this guy's work get so many upvotes so fast?

    The quality of his images is crazy given how fast he makes them

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