prince somelos (bethesda game studios and etc) created by todex
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SO REAL, BRO! Like, there you were, looking for prince SOMETHING - hecc you don't care, all you heard is he's basically a virgin.. or was it sex-crazed pervert? anyway- - and your first thought was: Hell yea. I'll totally conquer me a prince today! WOO!
And there he is. Angrily ranting and struggling and - oh my - is that a love-fruit or is he just so manly that his body started to grow a third leg! SWEET!
Just .. he's staring at *you*, not the ingame avatar you are controlling.... huh. Hhmmmm the loading screen quick-tips didn't mention that...

For my "Patreon Art Project"!~


Yeeeeep totally rippin' off TES: Oblivion's UI for this one or at least in parts anyway, but sue me. Those were the good looking ones before everything turned into minimalistic rectangle-with-white-text shite in the newer games :D

But seriously tho. Why can't we strip down dudes in such games to get to their dicks? @n@
And why do they never break the 4th wall and fall in love with the player? ; A ;
My trauma, MY PTSD! And PTSD stands for Penis Thirst Sex Disorder

Ahem. *cough*
Ah yes nice weather today isn't it! *whistles and backs away*
Done for my Patreon!



Prince Somelos is © me

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