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Species: wolf

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"Wolf" (Canis lupus) refers to the grey/gray wolf (also known as the timber wolf) and its many subspecies. The gray wolf is the largest wild member of the Canidae family with a range across the northern hemisphere. Wolves share a common ancestry with the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) but for the sake of tagging both dogs and wolves will be treated as distinct members of the Canidae family.

Some extant subspecies, such as the red_wolf (C. l. rufus), the eastern wolf (C. l. lycaon) are currently debated for taxonomic placement, proposed as the species C. rufus and C. lycaon, respectively.

Similarly, some extinct subspecies such as the Florida black wolf (C. l. floridanus) and Mississippi Valley wolf (C. l. gregoryi) are currently proposed and debated as a subspecies of the red wolf, C. rufus.

The domestic dog (C. l. familiaris) is currently proposed and debated as belonging to its own species, C. familiaris.

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1Proposed as the species Canis lycaon but currently debated.
2Proposed as the species Canis rufus but currently debated.
3Proposed as the species C. r. gregoryi but currently debated.
4Proposed as the species C. r. floridanus but currently debated.

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