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animal_genitalia balls bathroom big_balls canid canine canis chihuahua coconut_(cokotheschnoot) collar dark_body dark_skin domestic_dog duo feet female female_on_feral feral genitals human interspecies interspecies_romance lawlessfangs leg_lick licking lise_(cokotheschnoot) lower_body male male/female mammal mixed_breed overweight overweight_female papillon sheath small_but_hung tail tail_motion tailwag thick_thighs tongue toy_dog water_drop
2024 animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro beastars blue_eyes bovid canid canine canine_genitalia canine_penis canis caprine dialogue digital_media_(artwork) duo english_text fur genitals grey_body grey_fur hi_res horn legoshi_(beastars) lizardlars male male/male mammal multicolored_body multicolored_fur penis pina_(beastars) sheath sheep smile tan_body tan_fur text two_tone_body two_tone_fur wolf
animal_genitalia anthro arms_tied balls bound breasts canid canine canis chest_tuft claws duo eyes_closed face_fucking fellatio fur genitals grey_body grey_fur gynomorph gynomorph/male gynomorph_penetrated hair heart_symbol hi_res intersex intersex/male intersex_penetrated irrumatio leash leash_in_mouth male male_penetrating male_penetrating_gynomorph male_penetrating_intersex mammal neelix neelix_(character) object_in_mouth oral penetration penile penis penis_tip purple_hair sex sheath tied_leash tuft wolf