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Species: winged humanoid

A humanoid with wings.
Usually tagged in combination with more specific species such as angel or harpy, but can be tagged by itself for generic winged humanoids.

"Biologically improbable due to human bone and muscle structure, and if they're intended for actual flight, you may have to write off several laws of physics as well." - TV Tropes

Make sure to tag the related humanoid in addition to this tag, unless this refers to a generic humanoid that has wings.

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This tag implicates humanoid, wings (learn more).

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3:4 atlus breasts butt_from_the_front camel_toe clitoris_outline clothed clothing eyelashes fairy female genitals hair hi_res humanoid humanoid_pointy_ears looking_at_viewer megami_tensei nipple_outline noise_(artist) not_furry pixie pixie_(megami_tensei) pussy red_eyes red_hair smile solo video_games winged_humanoid wings
big_breasts breasts cleavage clothed clothing demon female hi_res horn horned_humanoid huge_breasts humanoid not_furry red_body red_skin solo spade_tail thehelmetguy thick_thighs wide_hips winged_humanoid wings