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Species: hybrid

A hybrid is the offspring of two different species of animal. This tag applies to mainly odd combinations of distantly related species.

Note that this tag does not apply to humans. 'Hybrid humans' are covered by body type tags such as animal humanoid, taur, and anthro.

Real-world examples:
Note on fictional hybrids:

Made-up terms such as cabbit, folf, and wolingo are useless and have been aliased away to hybrid. Use the component animals and hybrid tag if you want to tag these, provided the component animals can be discerned from each other in the post.

Not to be confused with:

  • chimera, creatures that have mixed parts from multiple distinct species, for example a fox with butterfly wings
  • transformation, mid-transformation forms are not tagged as hybrid

See also:

  • chimera - An animal made up of distinct parts of other animals, such as a gryphon, often created through magic.
  • taur - A character with an anthropomorphic head and body, and a lower half with four (or more) legs. Resembles a centaur.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: dragoncat, dragonicorn, dracubus, fennecat, dusky, dragonchu, bird_dragon, cheefox, eeldragon, draard, buncat, forgi, dracorat_(species), bearwolf, fraccoon, moth_dragon, fougar, snake_dragon, ratdragon_(species), dragon_turtle, fenfolf, coyogon, wolf_tiger, dingofox, cat_shark, dragadillo, deercat, catshark, froslosion, fruitbatcat, ottershark, foxhog, orcdragon, otteritty, foxote, foxoon, huskena, raccat, luskandox, rabbit-dragon, foxcoon_(species), ratcat, snail_cat, tigerfox, squirrel_dragon, shark_pony, tiger-striped_skunk, hyenkel, yveltvoir, dracohorse, dox, fox/cat/hybrid, kitty/otter, lynx/domestic_cat, otter/wolf, tiger/otter_hybrid, wolf/panther_hybrid, fobbit, macunny, orcagon, wolingo, fiox, otterfox, tixagon, skunkubus, crocofox, crossbreed, wolfbreon_(hybrid), wolfbreon_(species), shark_dog, wallaroo, unibunny, wolfroo, wolviex, feox, raccoon_fox, tigerbunny, bear_fox, multiple_species, bunnywolf, unisky, colf, dirdwolf, octoraccoon, skusky, hedgefox, pandafox, ottox, shark_fox, griffox, roofox, dragonfox, gatox, orca-dragon, ligerwolf, dragonwolf, wolphin, wolvern, wunnyroo, cattolf, chilla_fox, tox, hibrid, dracolf, wolf_falcon, wolfyena, wolf_bat, wuffoon, hybird, dracoon, drotter, cangaroo, dragondog, goatbun, cheetox, bunnycoon, lionfox, folf, wolfsune, huskoon, skotter, skunkcoon, bearshark, dragosect, skwolf, ottsky, tolf, fotter, kangootter, demonic_fox_dragon, draginni, dragnine, owl_gryphon, skunkbax, arctic_folf, sharkfox, lionwolf, schnolf, wolfbear, foxdragon, dragark, pandragon, ratdragon, darflox, dragolf, chicken_gryphon, draconicorn, dragon_cat, fabbit, sharkdragon, wolther, buncoon, shepcoon, driger, fusky, goat_cat_fox, tigox, ferrox, wolfox, arctic_pegafox_(species), demonskunk, tifox, wolfcoon, wolfskunk, otterbear, otteroo, draco_rat, dracobra, dragonine, fennecoon, dracobat, dracorn, lionroo, wolcon, wolf_hybrid, wolgon, foxcoon, liox, iguolf, dracogriff, rodragon, demonhusky, dracogryph, kangayote, wolyena, dragon_wolf, wolfhawk, dragon_shark, dragon_fox, shark/fox, leofox, tigerwolf, dragorca, hydrabbit, roogryph, bunk, bunwolf, skunkfox, skox, foxotter, anthro_hybrid, buizanine_(species), flottsky, deerhorse, foxat, foxbat, fox_bat, foxbat_hybrid, foxcario, fox-cat, foxdog, fox_dog, foxgon, foxkitty, foxsky, half-fox, half_dragon, gatorfox_(species), horse_goat, horse-lynx, lotteron, otterdog, otterroo, pandafox_(species), totter, wolfa, wolfbird, wolffox, wotter_(hybrid), wolfbull, wolfdagon, wolf-cat, wolf_fox, wolfmouse, wolf_tailed_hare, wolf_panda, wolf/tiger_hybrid, skunkwolf, goat_dog, bunnicorn, dragon_lion, fennec_lion, dober_deer, kecha_wox, kotterox, vulpeer, tabby-twogon, bullgon, foo_doggon, orca_dragon, deergon, leopard_dragon, bunnydragon, shargon, kittydragon, teragon, kiraptagon, fox_dragon, ligon, raigon, diregon, cheolfs, demonic_lion_(species), leogarg, leobbog, leolynx, pandapard, leopanda, cheeger, wadger, foxger, phoegon, unigon, batdragon, werewolf_dragon, demon_wolf, bolfy, cheolf, demonwolf, folfsky, lizard-mouse, giramon, planedragon, scaled_fox, krystariomon, growldramon, drayenote, mix, dragonbat, lemurbat, skunk-bat, hyrbid, huskyena, foxhyena, hyenapuss, catfox, foxcat, kittydog_(species), burrdog_(species), skoon_(species), burrdog, squabit_(species), hybrid_(species), squabit, woox, cat_fox, demon_fox, kardox, crox, dogfox, fox/wolf, rampox, foxibou, fishfox, dragon_wolf_fox, foxroo, foxbee, foxxgoat, catox, shoxy, foxhemoth, fox/jerboa, dalox, owlox, feasox, foxleopard, feazox, dragon-ox, foxbird, doxen, sergal-fox, foxal, fot, goatfox, fox_slug, foxaroo, foxpanda, foxda, dobber_deer, bearbull, bullbear, snowpanda, tiger-bear, drawolf, umbrox, otter_bat, otterbat, saber_cat, saber_dog, saberdragon, sabershark, saber_lynx, saberwolf, sabercat, sabersune, dergal, fensky, fosky, roosky, wolfrabbit, snowval, husky_rabbit, catpup, horsebird, goat/horse, ice_draconic_horse, spiderhorse, dryeena, serpent_peahen, cat/wolf, cat/wolf_hybrid, dragon/hyena_hybrid, dragon/deer, fox/cat, fox/cat/hybred, dragonwolfhybrid, falcon_hybrid, hybrid_fur, otter_hybrid, slime_hybrid, werehybrid, wolf_falcon_hybrid, hybrid_specie, hybid, dragon-zebra, human_hybrid, worgi, wolfshark, feral_hybrid, coyote_dragon, skunkbunny, cathorse, sharkgon, sharktopus, otsky, aardeer, woyote, demon_lion, sox, bird_hybrid, foxttercoon, hybrid_wolf_phoenix, panther_wolf_hybrid, felinfox, shox, tabbit, ottagon, hybride, wolfcat, sylvox, dracovix, wolfbreon, fox_panda, half-otter, tegu_dragon, wolf-tailed_hare, fox_corgi, fusky_(species), croxen, weagle, dracat, drusky, kaibun, rabbitcat, skunx, donkeroo, wolf-tail_hare, foxdemon, velocelox, coyfox, wokitah, chox, doggot, catvixen, skunk_rat, tycoon, wox, arctic_pegafox, draquine, drolf, mixed_species, drox, drakitterwolf, dratter, snolf, rabbit_wolf, renaskunk, dragox, wolfdragon, dracophin, orcadragon, skunkat, cabbit, ratwolf, deeroo, dracoraptor, wolfdrake, dragonet, kitsuragon, dracowolf, wolf_dragon, animal_hybrid, pandauren, hybrid_species, tigerskunk, drat, liondragon, spidox, aquadox, foxmutt, foxmoogle, huskyfox, deerfox, demfox, xoox, fox/cat_hybrid, shennec, umbreon_cat, alicorn_husky_hybrid, deer_canine_hybrid, feer, draxen, drygerskunk, bragon, half-snake, wulfion, sergal_dragon, angel_fosky, dragonhorse, lucaridon, liolf, foyote, canguroo, batfox, cusky, wolger (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: liger, pumapard, hybrid_taur, wolfdog, mule, coywolf, grolar_bear, wereliger, sheep-goat, khonorik, zebroid, tigon, coydog (learn more).

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