humanoid penis

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A penis that has the appearance of a standard human phallus.

Human penises are generally cylindrical shaped with a bulbous structure at the end of them called a "glans"; they are sometimes referred to as having a "mushroom" shape. Humanoid penises may feature a foreskin that slides over the glans when the penis is flaccid, or they may have the foreskin removed ("circumcised").

Humanoid penises on anthropomorphic characters tend to have unusual coloring like pink, red, or black, or alternatively a color matching the body of the furred character.

Ideally, this tag should be used for:
  • anthro or feral characters with humanoid penises
  • posts with a disembodied penis (or multiple disembodied penises) that are humanoid in form, but not necessarily belonging to a human or humanoid
  • hybrid penises that are based on a humanoid penis

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: non_humanoid_humanoid_penis, anthro_maleherm_with_human_penis, anthro_gynomorph_with_human_penis, humanoid_penis_on_anthro, humanoid_cock, non-humanoid_humanoid_penis, humanoid-penis, human_penis_on_feral, anthro_herm_with_human_penis, human_penis_on_nonhumanoid, human_penis, human_penis_on_non-human, human_penis_on_anthro, humanoid_penis_on_non_human, humanoid_penis_on_non-human, huminoid_penis, human_penis_on_non-humanoid, human_dick, humanoid_penis_on_nonhuman, humanoid_penis_on_nonhumanoid, humanoid_penis_on_humanoid, human_penis_on_taur, human_penis_on_nonhuman, human_penis_on_non_humanoid, anthro_intersex_with_human_penis, humanoid_penis_on_taur, anthro_male_with_human_penis, human_penis_on_humanoid, humanoid_dick, nonhumanoid_humanoid_penis, human_penis_on_non_human, humanoid_penis_on_non_humanoid, humanoid_penis_on_non-humanoid, humaanoid_penis, humanoid_peen, human_cock, humaniod_penis (learn more).

This tag implicates penis, humanoid_genitalia (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: barbed_humanoid_penis, sheathed_humanoid_penis, knotted_humanoid_penis, humanoid_penis_on_feral, medial_ringed_humanoid_penis, mismatched_humanoid_penis (learn more).

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