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For new users to e621, here is a compiled list of some blacklisting 'suggestions'. This list is provided so that it can be easier for people to find and blacklist images that they may find unpleasant or distasteful. For tips on how to blacklist, read this.

Medical Conditions
  • epilepsy_warning - This tag covers posts that can cause certain people to have seizures.
  • sound_warning - This tag covers posts that have an obnoxiously loud noise at any point. While not technically a medical condition, this might affect hearing in some cases.
  • score:<# - Hide all posts with a score less than #, such as 50, 20, 10, 0, -10, and so on. Score reflects the whims of e621 users, which may not align with your preferences or tolerances.
Age Related Tags

These tags are related to the idea of ageplay. Generally, one or more of the characters in the image has the appearance of youth (though they may be "older" mentally, regressed by magic, etc.).

  • young - All characters who are perceived to be under the age of 18. This includes babies, toddlers, children and adolescents.
    • loli - A female character that appears to be underage. However, this tag is only used on questionable and explicit artwork.
    • shota - A male character that appears to be underage. However, this tag is only used on questionable and explicit artwork.
Recommended blacklist for underaged characters

young -rating:s

Please see the page on blacklisting for more details on how to blacklist by rating and content.


There are many kinks and fetishes out there, and chances are that there are some you absolutely will not want to see. This list is not all inclusive, but highlights some of the more... objectionable fetishes that you may wish to not see.

Pain and suffering
  • abuse - General cruelty and mistreatment of other living beings. Can be physical, mental, sexual or non-sexual.
  • crush - Significant compressing force acting on a character or object.
  • death - Contains a character dying.
  • gore - Contains a scene that involves some grotesque imagery related to blood, gore, disembowelment, dismemberment, guts, mutilation...
    • blood - for when any amount of blood is in an image.
    • disembowelment - The opening of the lower torso, exposing the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • guts - visible internal organs.
    • impalement - A character being stabbed or impaled by an object.
    • slit_throat
    • wounded - any kind of bodily damage. May or may not be gore.
  • masochism - A character deriving pleasure from their own pain or abuse, or a character seeking such abuse.
  • mutilation - general disfigurement and defacement of the body. Includes any removal of body parts such as limbs, skin, fingernails, etc.
  • sadism - Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on another character.
  • torture - Deliberate, agonizing torture of some nature.
  • vore - A character consuming another. Usually, but not always, by mouth.
    • fatal_vore - Any vore which results in the death of the consumed character.
      • hard_vore - Vore in which the eaten character is being torn to pieces, having pieces bitten off, or is being chewed up. Often resembles real-life animal predatory behavior.
        • cooking_with_furs - A subset of the above that involves the eaten character being cooked or prepared in a culinary manner.
Bodily waste and byproducts
  • fart - Expulsion of gas from the anus.
  • feces - Poop, shit, stool
    • pooping - The act of defecation.
    • scatplay - Sexual activity involving feces.
  • lactating - Secretion of a fluid (usually milk) from mammary glands.
  • musk - Visual depictions of a character’s body odor.
  • smegma - A certain type of gunk that accumulates on genitalia, especially as a result of a lack of cleaning.
  • urine - Pee, piss
  • vomit - Puke, the expulsion of stomach matter.
Objectionable sex
  • bestiality - Sexual interaction with a feral animal.
  • necrophilia - Sexual interaction with a corpse
  • rape - Forcing another character to have sex against their will.
    • imminent_rape, after_rape - As rape may only be tagged when the act itself is occurring, blacklisting it will still allow posts where the rape has already happened, or is clearly about to happen. These tags can be blacklisted in addition to cover these cases.
    • questionable_consent - Ambiguous or borderline rape cases.
Sexual Preferences
  • female/female - Two or more female characters, engaged in a sexual act with each other.
  • male/male - Two or more male characters, engaged in a sexual act with each other.

Note: A solo male engaging in masturbation with a dildo is not considered male/male. If you don't want to see this (or similar) it's recommended to blacklist this phrase as well:

  • male solo anal
  • intersex - A character who is not strictly male or female.
    • andromorph - A character with a male's body, but a pussy instead of a penis.
    • gynomorph - A character with a female's body, but a penis instead of a pussy.
    • herm - A character with a female's body, as well as both a pussy and a penis.
    • maleherm - A character with a male's body, as well as both a pussy and a penis.
Weight-Related Tags

Many people enjoy characters who are heavier, but many do not. Vice versa for lighter characters.

  • slightly_chubby - A very light form of overweight; a small belly, a bit of pudge.
  • overweight - Umbrella tag for characters that are obviously overweight (does not apply to chubby).
  • emaciated - Morbidly underweight, where they're more or less just skin and bones.
  • anorexia - Similar to above.

There are many anatomical features that a user may want to blacklist. Many are 'animalistic' features, while others are simply "unrealistic".

  • humanoid_penis - A penis similar to a human's
  • humanoid_pussy - A pussy similar to a human's
  • nipple_mouth - A mouth in place of a nipple.
  • teats - Breasts/nipples near to the crotch or belly. Generally seen as "anatomically correct".
    • multi_breasts - Multiple pairs of breasts attached to one character.
    • multi_nipple - Multiple sets of nipples on one character.
    • multi_penis - Two or more complete penises attached to one individual.
  • animal_genitalia - Genitalia that resemble those of "real" animals.
    • animal_penis
      • canine_penis - A penis similar to that of a dog or wolf.
        • knot - A large bulbous protrusion at or near the base of a canine penis.
      • equine_penis - A penis similar to that of a horse.
      • feline_penis - A penis similar to that of a cat.
        • penile_spines - Small barbs found on the surface of feline penises.
    • animal_pussy
    • Genitals of reptiles, fish, birds, and similar
      • cloaca - An opening that serves both the role of urethra and anus, as well as housing the genitals.
      • genital_slit - An opening in certain animals where the penis and pussy are found (not necessarily at the same time).
      • hemipenes - An anatomical feature of reptiles where the "penis" is divided into two separate shafts or heads.
  • extreme_size_difference - Very large differences in scale between two characters, such as macro + normal or micro + normal.
  • macro - "Giant" characters compared to the world around them.
  • micro - "Tiny" characters compared to the world around them.
  • advertisement - Site ads, preview pages, etc.
  • censored - Censored posts. Exclude ineffective_censorship if you don't mind minimal censoring.
  • distracting_watermark - Large, obnoxious watermarks.
  • e254e - An artist who often draws cute characters involved in gore, torture, and violence.
  • fluffy_pony - A niche fandom centered around the abuse, torture, and killing of small, idiotic equines.
  • huge_filesize - Extremely large files that might load slowly or even crash some browsers.
  • nezumi_(artist) - While her works are greatly enjoyed by some, most find Nezumi's work to be distasteful... it's recommended you click and see for yourself.
  • nightmare_fuel - Wide variety of disturbing and creepy images.
  • cannot_unsee - Similar to above.
  • not_furry - These images generally do not contain any feral, anthro, or similar sorts of characters.
    • human_focus - Posts where the main focus is on a human. Usually borderline non-furry.
    • humanoid - Umbrella tag for various non-furry humanoids (elf, orc, etc.) and marginally furry humanoids (animal_humanoid)
  • politics - Political content.
  • racism - The concept of racial superiority / inferiority, or racial stereotypes.
  • slur - Words used to denigrate specific demographics.
  • what - Although often used as a joke, this tag also covers content that most people would find disgusting or bizarre.
  • whitekitten - a commissioner whose images include possibly disturbing content.
  • why - the viewer may ask why does this exist?
  • zero_pictured - Used for when there are no characters present in the post. Useful for tagging projects.

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