bent over

When a character is leaning over at a right angle, or more. The region below the waist should be in a mostly upright position for a character to be bent over. For instance a sitting posture will be considered as leaning forward, until it qualifies as folded, but it would not count as bent over.

Characters who are bent over can sometimes be engaged in sex, such as with the from_behind_position.

Related tags

Not to be confused with

  • all_fours - when a character is on their hands and knees
  • leaning_forward - when a character is leaning forward, but not as far as a right angle
  • upside_down - when a character's entire body is vertically inverted
    • For human-like characters, this usually means their heads are closer to the ground than their feet

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: bending_over, bendover, bentover, bend_over, bent_forward (learn more).

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