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Images or Animations which contain, or show a character playing, music!


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16:9 1999 amanda_forbis ambulance animated anthro avian avian_caruncle beak beaver better_version_at_source beverage bird bone book bovid bovine bowl bread building bulldog butter butter_knife can canid canine canis caprine car car_accident car_collision car_crash cattle chair chasing chicken city clothed clothing coffee columbid comb_(anatomy) cookie corvid corvus_(genus) crow cutlery dairy_products day death domestic_cat domestic_dog domestic_pig drinking dripping eating egg english_text equid equine eyewear faucet feathers felid feline felis female feral fish food fridge furniture galliform gallus_(genus) glasses goat group hat head_crest headgear headwear holding_cup holding_object hooves horn horse huge_filesize inside kettle key kitchen_knife kitchen_utensils knife lagomorph lemon leporid list lock male mammal marine mastiff milk mirror molosser music necktie nfb outlet outside paper peeling pencil_(object) phasianid photo pigeon plant plate plug police potato powerlines rabbit radio reading rhinocerotoid rodent running scarf sewer shaving sheep singing sink sitting smoking sniffing solo sound spoon stairs standing steam store stretcher subway suid suina suit sus_(pig) suspenders table television text toast toaster tools traffic_light trash_can trilby_(hat) ursid vegetable vehicle waddle walking water webm wendy_tilby whiskers widescreen window
accessory anthro atom-fox_(artist) canid canine clothed clothing comic cooking death ferian fire flower flower_in_hair forest fox gore hair hair_accessory headgear hi_res male mammal meteorite moon music planet plant rimworld solo space stick text tree underwear wood
16:9 2020 3_toes 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation android animal_genitalia animal_penis animated anthro anthro_on_anthro arm_support arthropod big_dom_small_sub big_penis biped black_body blue_eyes bodily_fluids breasts breeding_press brown_body brown_fur canine_penis choke_hold claws close-up computer conditional_dnp curvy_figure cybernetics cyberpunk cyborg dialogue digital_media_(artwork) dinosaur domination dreamertooth dromaeosaurid duo dutch_angle dystopia ears_back eye_contact feet female female_penetrated feral finger_claws fingers fluffy fluffy_tail forced fur furniture furred_tail future genitals gesture glowing glowing_eyes glowing_genitalia glowing_penis grabbing half-closed_eyes hand_on_breast horn humanoid_pointy_ears inner_ear_fluff insect inside interspecies knot large_penetration larger_male leg_wrap legs_up lepidopteran licking long_penis long_tail looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_back loop low-angle_view lying machine male male/female male_domination male_on_top male_penetrating markings mating_press meme midriff missionary_position moan moth music narrowed_eyes navel neck_grab neck_hold neon_lights non-mammal_breasts nude on_back on_front on_top penetration penis perspective pivoted_ears profanity protogen questionable_consent raised_tail rear_view red_body red_fur reptile robot rough_(disambiguation) rough_sex scalie screen screen_face sex shaking short_playtime side_view sign size_difference sleeping small_waist smaller_female smile snout_lick sound sound_warning standing submissive submissive_female synth_(vader-san) synthetic synthwave table talons tears teasing text theropod thick_penis thick_thighs thin_tail thrusting tight_fit toes tongue tongue_out trailer trembling tuft vaginal vaginal_penetration visor voice_acted walking webm whining wide_hips widescreen workshop worm's-eye_view worried
air_guitar animated anthro antlers beastars blood blush bodily_fluids bone boombox cervid cervine chinese_text claws clothed clothing dancing english_text eye_scar eyewear facial_scar fangs felid flower food footwear free_(beastars) fruit glasses group horn ibuki_(beastars) jojo's_bizarre_adventure knife lion long_playtime louis_(beastars) male mammal melon meme monstercat music narrowed_eyes necktie pantherine plant pose red_deer scar shishigumi_(beastars) shoes simple_background size_difference skull sound suit surprise text tongue tongue_out torture_dance unknown_artist watermark webm white_background