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Character sheet, reference sheet; A reference tool used to help standardize the look of a character. While there is no one particular format, they will often include things like name, bio, color swatches (fur, eyes, nose, etc), eye shape, multiple poses, genitalia, and other specific characteristics (e.g. 3 white spots on the tail).

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Related tags:

  • multiple_poses
  • on/off - When the character is depicted both clothed and nude, usually in the same pose.
  • solo - Almost always. There are rare exceptions, but if it is not taggable as solo, then it's likely not a model sheet.
  • text - Model sheets usually contain at least some text, such as the character's name.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: referencesheet, reference, refsheet, character_reference, character_profile, reff_sheet, reference_picture, reference_page, character_design, modelsheet, character_sheet, reference_sheet, ref, ref_sheet (learn more).

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