crossover cosplay

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Crossover cosplay describes when a character from one piece of media (e.g. a film, cartoon, anime, video game, etc.). is wearing the costume of a character from another media franchise.

Tagging Notes
  • Crossover cosplay posts should include the tags for the character wearing the outfit, and the name of the character that they are costumed as.
  • If two characters from different media properties are doing crossover cosplay of one another, the post should also be tagged as clothing swap.
  • Crossover cosplay often has a theme of characters dressing up for Halloween or a party.
  • If an original character is cosplaying as a copyright character, it should be tagged only as cosplay, not crossover cosplay
Some specific costumes are extremely popular in fan art, and, as the character being cosplayed wears multiple identifiable outfits, specific tags are needed:

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