rainbow ears

Used when a character has ears with the colors of the rainbow.

This tag should not be used for ears with multiple colors, but not in a rainbow theme. For those images use multicolored_ears instead.

Ear colors:

This tag implicates multicolored_ears (learn more).

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2023 :3 ambiguous_gender animal_crossing anthro biped black_body black_fur blue_background bottomless cheeky_(flipside) chibi clothed clothing cricetid drugs fan_character feet flipside fur green_body green_fur green_hair group hair hamster hand_in_pocket hands_on_hips hoodie hyena lagomorph leporid lgbt_pride mammal marijuana marijuana_leaf moon multicolored_clothing multicolored_ears nintendo paws pockets pride_colors rabbit rainbow_clothing rainbow_ears rainbow_pride_colors rodent semi-anthro seth_(flipside) shine_(flipside) simple_background six-stripe_rainbow_pride_colors sparklefur sparkles sparkling_clothing sparkling_ears striped_body striped_fur stripes superflat topwear trio unusual_anatomy unusual_ears whiskers white_body white_eyes white_fur
2000s_theme absurd_res big_ears blush bright_colors brown_body brown_fur colorful_theme eye_shimmer eyewear feral flat_chested frutiger_metro fur genitals glasses herm heterochromia hi_res hybrid_genitalia hysterectomy_scar id0gs intersex l33t_(labbit) labbit lagomorph mammal multicolored_ears multicolored_tail nipples paws rainbow_ears rainbow_tail scar solo sparklefur tail unusual_anatomy unusual_tail y2k_(graphic_design)
1:1 2024 2d_animation :d alternate_costume alternate_form alternate_universe alternative_fashion animal_humanoid animated animation_meme artist_name bedroom_eyes black_background black_clothing black_shirt black_topwear bling-bang-bang-born brown_background button_(fastener) clothing creepy_nuts dancing duo ear_focus ear_piercing ear_ring ears_up emo english_text eyebrows feet fishnet_clothing fishnet_gloves fishnet_handwear fluffy foot_focus frame_by_frame fur gesture glitch_productions gloves grey_background grin half-closed_eyes hand_gesture handwear humanoid japanese_audio jax_(tadc) kerchief lagomorph lagomorph_humanoid leporid leporid_humanoid lgbt_pride long_ears looking_at_viewer male mammal mammal_humanoid mashle:_magic_and_muscles meandmybro meme monotone_body motion_tweening multicolored_ears music music_video narrowed_eyes neckerchief overalls overalls_only pansexual_pride_colors pecs piercing pointing pointing_at_viewer pride_colors pupils purple_body purple_ears purple_fur rabbit rabbit_humanoid rainbow_ears raised_eyebrow rapping red_clothing red_overalls ring_piercing seductive shirt short_playtime simple_background singing smile solo sound sound_warning square_crossover square_pupils teeth text the_amazing_digital_circus topwear unusual_pupils webm wristband yellow_clothing yellow_eyes yellow_gloves yellow_handwear yellow_teeth
absurd_res anthro balls blush bodily_fluids brown_body brown_fur clothing cum cum_on_body cum_on_feet cum_on_ground cum_on_self cum_on_sofa cumshot dakotasoftpaw dirty dirty_clothing dirty_socks ejaculation electronics erection excessive_cum excessive_genital_fluids excited excited_expression feet fluffy fluffy_tail footwear foreskin fur furniture genital_fluids genitals half-closed_eyes hi_res humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis katxfish living_room lying male mammal masturbation multicolored_ears multicolored_pawpads multicolored_tail narrowed_eyes nude orgasm orgasm_face pawpads paws penis procyonid raccoon rainbow_ears rainbow_pawpads rainbow_tail red_sofa shaking_penis sitting sitting_on_ground socks sofa solo spread_legs spreading tail tech_control television tongue tongue_out