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chastity bulge

A piece of latex or rubber, covering the crotch of a character with the intended primary use of being a chastity device.
This primary use may be shown by a lock or a cross icon on the bulge itself.

Not to be confused with null_bulge which doesn't imply the idea of chastity.

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1:1 2020 4_fingers anthro barcode bdsm black_pawpads blue_background blue_eyes bodysuit bondage bound bulge chastity_bulge chastity_device clothed clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dildo english_text fingers gag gagged handwear hi_res hood hypnosis kuri_kobayashi lock lock_bulge lock_symbol male mammal mind_control mittens mouse murid murine nozzle null_bulge pawpads paws pink_nose rodent sex_toy sgtstitches simple_background skinsuit spiral_eyes story story_in_description text tight_clothing
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