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Used for instances where clothing is struggling to contain a penis. Both "barely" and "contained" are subjective, but at a minimum, part of the penis should be exposed by clothing meant to contain it, and the relevant clothing should show signs of distress in its attempt to contain the penis. Because "contained" is different from "covered," this tag should not be used in instances where clothing is merely failing to cover the penis, but there is no sign of "struggle." Additionally, this tag should typically be used specifically when clothing meant to contain the penis is struggling, such as underwear, shorts, pants, etc. In cases where the penis is stretching a shirt, it is probably already past containment. Typically, barely_contained_penis will be relevant due to a big_penis, tight_clothing, or more often, both.

Some helpful questions to ask are, "does the penis look to be at risk of becoming completely/mostly uncontained?" "Is more than just the base of the penis being shown?" "Does the clothing meant to contain the penis look to be stretching beyond its intended limits?" If balls are struggling to be contained, but not the penis, use barely_contained_balls instead.

This tag implicates barely_contained (learn more).

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