Invalid: x-ray (disambiguation)

Ambiguous tag, avoid use.

You might be looking for one of the following:
  • xray_view: visual effect where a portion of an image that should be opaque is made transparent to show elements of the scene that would be otherwise hidden
  • Radiograph: An image produced via x-rays, often used in medical contexts
  • Internal: A cross-section or inset view depicting the inside of a character's body
  • Translucent: Something that allows diffuse light through it, sometimes allowing visibility of the insides of that something (or someone)
  • X-ray_flash: An interactive animation or video featuring an artwork where moving the mouse around erases one or more layers of the artwork to reveal previously-hidden details
  • X-ray_vision: An ability to see through solid objects through the use of magic vision, glasses, or devices

The following tags are aliased to this tag: xray, x-ray, x_ray (learn more).

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