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Dream SMP was a private roleplay Minecraft server owned by the YouTuber Dream. It features a variety of different streamers improvising to roleplay characters in the server's fictional world.

A spin-off series named Tales from the SMP, created by Karl Jacobs, ran for two seasons, featuring one-off stories set in the server's world with different characters from different points in time.

This tag should not be used on posts of YouTubers that are not related to the Dream SMP server. Having Dream in an post does not make the post related to Dream SMP. The post should depict elements from the server's world or characters in order for the tag to be valid.

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The following tags implicate this tag: glatt_(dream_smp), enderchest_(dream_smp), ranmoo_(dream_smp), edward_the_enderman, yogurt_(dream_smp), squeeks_(dream_smp), friend_the_sheep, steve_(dream_smp), michael_the_piglin, apollo_(dream_smp), ghostbur, dreamxd, tales_from_the_smp (learn more).

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