Character: cornelius deadwell

Cornelius Haakon Deadwell AKA Karnyx, 7'9" 2688 years old (as of 2023) Caprine Pseudodemon, emperor of the Karnyxian Empire (Imperium Karnixii), Imperator of the 7th realm of hell, Politician, Religious leader of the karnyxian faith, Weaponsmith and creator of supernatural artifacts, demonologist (Writer of the Codex Daemonium, the largest registry of demonic species), Pioneer in the foundations of Occult and Metaphysic science through advancements in the knowledge of the inner functions of supernatural phenomena.

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anthro black_claws black_hooves black_horn bovid cape caprine caprine_demon claws clothing cornelius_deadwell deadwell_(artist) demon fangs front_view fur goat_demon hooves horn male mammal model_sheet polycerate purple_eyes rags rocky_mountain_goat shirt solo teeth topwear tunic white_body white_fur
3:4 anthro black_horn blood bodily_fluids body_horror bone bovid brain_matter caprine caprine_demon clothing colored_blood cornelius_deadwell creepy deadwell_(artist) demon fangs fur goat_demon grey_clothing grey_shirt grey_topwear hand_tattoo horn hybrid long_tongue male mammal necktie polycerate purple_blood purple_eyes purple_tongue red_clothing red_topwear red_vest rocky_mountain_goat scary shirt solo tattoo teeth tongue tongue_out topwear unusual_blood unusual_bodily_fluids vest white_body white_fur
absurd_res anthro arm_tattoo black_horn bottomwear bovid caprine caprine_demon car cargo_pants clothing cloud cornelius_deadwell cover deadwell_(artist) demon digital_media_(artwork) fangs formula_1_car fur goat goat_demon hi_res hooves horn humanoid leviathan_cross magazine magazine_cover male mammal motor_vehicle motorsports pants polycerate purple_clothing purple_eyes purple_shirt purple_topwear race_track racing rocky_mountain_goat runes shirt sitting sitting_on_car sitting_on_vehicle sky solo tattoo teeth topwear vehicle vintage white_body white_fur
anthro arm_tattoo black_horn bovid caprine chest_tattoo cornelius_deadwell deadwell_(artist) demon fur furniture horn male mammal occult_symbol pentagram purple_eyes rocky_mountain_goat runes satanic sauna sitting smile solo symbol tattoo towel towel_around_waist towel_only white_body white_fur