Artist: knight-of-syrinx

[NSFW 18+] I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe... I like to keep my art style similar to the source material, and you'll find my work to be (mostly) wholesome. If that's what you're in to, then lo and behold!

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16:9 2024 3_fingers 4k absurd_res anthro bag belt belt_buckle black_body black_boots black_clothing black_footwear black_fur black_hair blue_eyes blush blush_lines boots bottomwear braixen choker clothing digital_media_(artwork) english_text eyeshadow faye_(knight-of-syrinx) female fingers footwear fur generation_5_pokemon generation_6_pokemon green_eyes hair hi_res hoodie human jewelry knight-of-syrinx leggings legwear makeup male mammal necklace necktie nintendo orange_body orange_fur pokemon pokemon_(species) red_hair shoes simple_background sneakers sweater sweater_vest tail tattoo text tobias_(knight-of-syrinx) topwear torn_bottomwear torn_clothing vest widescreen yellow_body yellow_fur zoroark
2024 3_fingers 4:3 ambiguous_gender anthro blush blush_lines digital_media_(artwork) english_text fingers fur generation_9_pokemon green_body green_fur heart_symbol hi_res holidays knight-of-syrinx meowscarada nintendo pawpads pink_eyes pink_nose pokemon pokemon_(species) text tongue valentine's_day valentine's_day_card
2024 2d_animation 3:4 3_fingers absurd_res animated anthro black_body black_fur blue_body blue_fur blush blush_lines bodily_fluids canid canine digital_media_(artwork) embarrassed english_text fingers frame_by_frame fur generation_4_pokemon good_boy hi_res knight-of-syrinx lucario male mammal nintendo orange_eyes pokemon pokemon_(species) short_playtime simple_background snaggle_tooth spikes sweat tail tail_motion teeth text white_background
2024 3:4 animal_genitalia animated anthro anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_female anthro_penetrating_human bailey_(knight-of-syrinx) black_body black_clothing black_footwear black_fur black_socks blue_body blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair blush blush_lines bodily_fluids body_part_in_mouth bottomwear breath clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) dominant dominant_female dominant_human duo erection fellatio female female_on_anthro female_penetrated footwear forced frame_by_frame fucked_silly fur generation_4_pokemon genitals gloves grass hair handwear happy happy_sex hi_res human human_on_anthro human_penetrated interspecies knight-of-syrinx lucario male male/female male_on_human male_penetrating male_penetrating_female male_penetrating_human mammal mountain narrowed_eyes nintendo oral oral_penetration orange_clothing orange_eyes orange_gloves orange_handwear outside outside_sex penetration penile penile_penetration penis penis_in_mouth plant pokeball pokemon pokemon_(species) pokephilia reverse_forced_oral rock saliva sex sheath short_playtime shorts socks sound sound_effects spikes sweat tail tail_motion tan_body tan_fur tears tears_of_pleasure teeth tongue tree water webm