Character: mrs. roberts (gvh)

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Ms. Roberts (VA: Dahlia Salem) is a character featured in Goodbye Volcano High. A middle-aged ceratosaurus, she is a teacher at Volcano High, and the homeroom teacher of Fang, Reed, and Naomi. She has a snarky, no-nonsense personality. The game's final moments hint that she and LJ are a couple. According to developers, her first name is Misty.

She has lavender scales, a yellow nose horn, and violet markings around her yellow eyes. Her hair is crisp white/grey and in a bobcut. She wears a long-sleeved black outfit with a white collar and white cuffs with golden buttons, a black necklace with a round, golden object at the end, and a pair of thin, golden glasses on a matching gold loop around her neck.

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2024 absurd_res anthro artist_name black_and_white breasts cavemanon_studios ceratosaurid ceratosaurus clothing dinosaur dress eyewear female glasses goodbye_volcano_high hi_res jazzelart looking_at_viewer monochrome mrs._roberts_(gvh) non-mammal_breasts reptile scalie sketch smile snoot_game snout solo theropod watermark
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5_fingers anon_(snoot_game) anthro bald blonde_hair blush book bookshelf breasts cavemanon_studios ceratosaurid ceratosaurus chair clothed clothing colored crouching deadassspider detailed_background dinosaur elderly_female eyewear faceless_character faceless_human faceless_male feet female female_anthro female_focus fingering fingers footwear furniture genitals glasses goodbye_volcano_high group hadrosaurid hair hi_res human humanoid_feet inside library long_tail male mammal masturbation mature_female mrs._roberts_(gvh) naomi_(gvh) nipples nude old orange_body orange_scales ornithischian parasaurolophus plantigrade pubes public public_masturbation purple_body purple_nipples purple_scales pussy question_mark reptile scales scalie school shoes silver_hair snoot_game snout solo_focus stealth_masturbation table tail theropod trio vaginal vaginal_fingering vaginal_masturbation white_body white_scales