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A third-party edit that compiles two or more originally separate but sequentially related images into a single, convenient to view comic.

Note that these kinds of edits are not recommended: if the unstitched images are uploaded individually, the comic edit will be deleted. If the source already has individual images, those should be uploaded rather than taking the time for an edit.

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This tag implicates third-party_edit (learn more).

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absurd_res alternate_version_at_source anthro bear beard belly belt bottomwear chalk chalkboard chalkboard_eraser classroom clothed clothing comic_edit dress_shirt english_text equation facial_hair footwear fully_clothed grey_hair hair hi_res integral jockstrap jumperbear male mammal mature_male mr._terry_woods_(robertxhaze) mustache necktie overweight overweight_male pants pink_clothing pink_shirt pink_topwear school shirt shoes solo teacher text third-party_edit topwear trigonometry underwear wardrobe_malfunction
absurd_res alexandra_(velocitycat) american_flag_bikini anthro anthro_pred anthro_prey armor backwards_baseball_cap backwards_hat baseball_cap beach belly belly_reduction big_belly big_breasts bikini bikini_bottom blonde_hair blue_body bodily_fluids bottomwear bra bracers breast_size_difference breasts brown_hair burping burping_up_clothing cheetah cleavage clothed clothing comic comic_edit digestion_noises digestion_sequence digital_media_(artwork) fatal_vore felid feline female female/female female_pred female_prey fish flag_bikini foot_imprint forced gameplay_mechanics gui hair hat headgear headwear health_bar hi_res huge_belly imprint inside_stomach internal long_image looking_pleasured mammal marine navel oral_vore organs outside pawpads rubenafterhours same_size_vore shark sharp_teeth shorts sitting skull_symbol sports_bra stomach stomach_acid struggling struggling_prey swimwear tall_image teeth third-party_edit tiffany_(rubenafterhours) toothy_grin two-piece_swimsuit underwear unwilling_prey vore
absurd_res anthro anthro_pred anthro_prey armor avian avian_feet bandage_on_beak belly belly_reduction big_belly bird bodily_fluids bracers breasts burping burping_up_feather cartoon_physics chest_tuft clenched_teeth clothing collar comic comic_edit dialogue digestion digestion_noises digital_media_(artwork) english_text eyebrow_piercing eyes_closed face_imprint facial_piercing fangs fatal_vore feathers feet feet_first female female_pred female_prey foot_imprint forced forked_tongue gameplay_mechanics grey_hair gui guts hair hand_imprint hand_on_belly hand_on_own_belly head_in_mouth health_bar hi_res huge_belly imprint inside_stomach internal intestines jacket joy_(shammy) leather leather_clothing leather_jacket leather_topwear long_image long_neck midriff motion_lines muffled narrowed_eyes navel neck_bulge open_mouth oral_vore organs owl piercing reptile rubenafterhours same_size_vore scalie seeing_stars snake snake_hood snake_pred stomach stomach_acid stretchy struggling struggling_prey swallowing talking_to_prey tall_image talons taunting teeth text third-party_edit toes tongue tongue_out topwear tuft unwilling_prey uvula vore yellow_sclera
2015 aliasing ambiguous_gender anthro birman_cat black_whiskers blue_background blue_eyes brown_body brown_fur brown_inner_ear collar collar_tag colorpoint comic comic_edit dialogue digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) domestic_cat english_text fae_(serenity) felid feline felis female_(lore) flat_colors fur handpaw heart_collar_tag himalayan_cat mammal microsoft_paint_(artwork) mixed_breed nude open_mouth pawpads paws pink_collar pink_nose pink_pawpads pink_tongue sebdoggo semi-anthro serenity_(comic) simple_background solo tan_body tan_fur text third-party_edit tongue whiskers white_text