Character: tee (ajna)

A female Esperian (custom feline species) character owned by ajna. Older versions of her design were based on a cacomistle form with some lynx traits. Many of these traits are still present in the current version of her design.


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ajna anthro bassariscus bikini bite bite_mark biting_lip blush breath bruised cacomistle clothed clothing duo embarrassed felid female male male/female mammal max_(maximemoring) navel panting pink_nose procyonid red_eyes shy swimwear tee_(ajna) topless womb_tattoo
2023 3:4 4_toes 5_fingers ajna anthro anthro_on_anthro anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro areola blush breasts brown_hair canid canine digital_media_(artwork) duo eyebrows eyelashes feet female female_penetrated fingers fox from_front_position gloves_(marking) hair hand_on_head hand_on_leg hand_on_shoulder hand_on_thigh heart_(marking) hi_res looking_pleasured male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal markings mastery_position max_(maximemoring) nipples penetration red_eyes sex smile tee_(ajna) toes
anthro anus breasts digital_media_(artwork) disembodied_hand esperian female full-length_portrait genitals grope group hands_everywhere hi_res ivory-raven nipple_fetish nipple_pinch nipple_play nude open_mouth piercing pinch portrait pussy questionable_consent red_theme restrained small_breasts solo_focus spread_pussy spreading tee_(ajna) tongue tongue_piercing
2021 5_fingers ajna anthro australian_shepherd belly big_belly big_breasts blue_eyes both_pregnant breasts brown_body brown_eyes brown_fur brown_hair canid canine canis casual_nudity dialogue digit_ring domestic_dog ear_piercing english_text eye_contact eyewear eyewear_only felid feline female fingers fur glasses glasses_only grey_eyes grey_hair group group_nudity hair hand_on_belly herding_dog hi_res indie_(xanderblaze) industrial_piercing invalid_tag jewelry larger_female long_hair looking_at_another mammal multicolored_body multicolored_fur multiple_pregnancies nipples nude nude_anthro nude_female open_mouth pastoral_dog piercing pregnant pregnant_anthro pregnant_female ring sheepdog size_difference smaller_female social_nudity tan_body tan_fur tape_measure tee_(ajna) text wearing_glasses wedding_ring white_body white_fur xanderblaze