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Berlin is a Bell (jp: ベルリンは鐘) is a Japanese comic focused on its main character Berlin. The character's name transliterated from Japanese is "Berurin," the name of the city of Berlin, but also a portmanteau in this case of "beru" for the English "bell" and "rin," a Japanese onomatopoeia for the ringing sound of a bell.

The comic can be found at

The author's name is given as Nyaromelon (jp: ニャロメロン), the category shounen, and the genre daily release gag comic

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2023 4_fingers 4_toes ankle_tuft anthro arm_tuft berlin_is_a_bell big_breasts blush bodily_fluids bottomless breasts buckteeth butt_from_the_front character_name clothed clothing crouching dated eyelashes featureless_breasts featureless_crotch feet female fingers fluffy fluffy_tail full-length_portrait fur hi_res humanoid_hands jacket_only japanese_text kemono lagomorph leg_tuft leporid long_ears looking_aside looking_at_viewer mammal mochiduki_mimi morokko neck_tuft nipples open_mouth pink_body pink_fur portrait presenting presenting_breasts rabbit scut_tail short_tail simple_background solo spread_legs spreading squish sweat sweatdrop tail teeth text thick_thighs toes topwear topwear_only tuft white_background white_body white_fur wrist_tuft
2019 4_fingers ankle_tuft anthro arm_tuft bedding bedding_background berlin_is_a_bell blue_background blush bodily_fluids breasts buckteeth dildo dildo_vibrator egg_vibrator eyelashes female fingers fur genitals hi_res humanoid_hands japanese_text kemono lagomorph leg_tuft leporid looking_at_viewer lying mammal mochiduki_mimi morokko nipples nude open_mouth pink_body pink_fur pussy rabbit sex_toy simple_background solo sweat sweatdrop teeth text tuft vibrator wand_vibrator white_body white_fur wrist_tuft
animate_inanimate anthro berlin_is_a_bell black_clothing black_footwear black_leotard blue_clothing blue_leotard bodily_fluids breasts bunny_costume clothing costume cuff_(restraint) fake_ears fake_rabbit_ears female fishnet footwear fur group hand_on_hip hi_res high_heels inside lagomorph leotard leporid looking_down looking_forward mammal mochiduki_mimi morokko nipple_outline open_mouth pink_body pink_fur pink_tongue rabbit red_clothing red_footwear red_leotard restraints shoes side_view sweat sweatdrop tongue wrist_cuffs
ambiguous_gender animate_inanimate anthro beady_eyes bell belly belly_grab belly_rolls berlin_is_a_bell blush bodily_fluids breasts dessert doughnut duo eating eyelashes featureless_breasts featureless_crotch female female_focus food fur hi_res japanese_text kemono kinokoningen lagomorph leporid mammal mochiduki_mimi navel open_mouth pink_body pink_fur rabbit simple_background slightly_chubby solo_focus sweat sweatdrop text translated white_background white_body white_fur