yellow skin

Used when a character's skin is colored yellow.

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2024 3_toes ambiguous_feral ambiguous_gender anthro anthro_on_feral artist_name ball_lick balls band-aid band-aid_on_face band-aid_on_nose bandage bandage_on_face bandage_on_nose bestiality big_penis black_body blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_pants blue_shorts blush bodily_fluids bottomwear bottomwear_down circumcised clothed clothing cum cum_in_mouth cum_inside dripping energy_drain erection feet fellatio feral fuzzy_(mario) gameplay_mechanics gangbang genital_fluids genitals glans glistening glistening_eyes green_shell grey_clothing grey_hoodie grey_topwear group group_sex health_points heart_eyes heart_symbol hi_res hoodie humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis koopa koopa_troopa koops licking looking_at_genitalia looking_at_penis looking_down looking_pleasured lying male mario_bros navel nintendo on_back open_mouth oral orgasm pants pants_down paper_mario paper_mario:_the_thousand_year_door partially_clothed penile penis pink_glans plantigrade reptile saliva saliva_drip scales scalie sex shell shirt shorts signature teeth thezestiestbone toes tongue tongue_out toony topwear turtle user_interface white_clothing white_shirt white_topwear yellow_balls yellow_body yellow_penis yellow_scales yellow_skin
2024 5_fingers 5_toes anthro blue_hair body_hair casual_masturbation cellphone claws colored_nails derkasberidzhan dewclaw digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) electronics english_text eyes_closed feathers feet fingering fingers forked_tongue genitals green_body green_feathers green_hair grin hair hi_res long_neck looking_pleasured masturbation nails nonbinary_(lore) nude nude_anthro orange_body orange_feathers painted_claws phone phone_call pink_body pink_feathers pink_hair pussy reclining round_head scalie sharp_teeth sitting smile solo spread_legs spreading tail tail_tuft teeth teeth_showing text toes tongue trans_(lore) trans_man_(lore) tuft unknown_species unprofessional_behavior vaginal vaginal_fingering wings yellow_body yellow_skin
2024 3:4 absurd_res alien alien_humanoid alpha_worship animal_humanoid anthro armpit_fetish armpit_hair armpit_lick armpit_play armpit_sniffing aroused aroused_face aroused_smile back_muscles balls bandai_namco barazoku bear beerus belly belly_grab belly_overhang belly_squish biceps big_balls big_belly big_dom_small_sub big_muscles big_penis blush bodily_fluids body_hair botamo breath bully bullying butt carrying_another carrying_partner cat_humanoid clawed_fingers claws clothing deity digital_media_(artwork) domestic_cat dominant dominant_anthro dominant_male dragon_ball dragon_ball_super dragon_ball_z duo eeveecholo felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid felis forced forced_sniffing foreskin fur genitals hair hairless hairless_cat hi_res holding_object humanoid humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis interspecies larger_male licking looking_pleasured male male/male male_dominating_male mammal mammal_humanoid muscle_worship musclegut muscular muscular_anthro muscular_male musk musk_clouds musky_armpit narrowed_eyes naughty_face nipples nude obese obese_anthro open_mouth overweight overweight_anthro overweight_male pecs penis pinned purple_body red_clothing red_shirt red_topwear shirt simple_background size_difference size_play slightly_chubby slightly_chubby_anthro slightly_chubby_male smaller_male smelly smelly_armpits smile smothering sniffing squish submissive submissive_male sweat sweaty_armpit tail thick_thighs tongue tongue_out topwear vein veiny_penis waist_grab worship yellow_body yellow_skin
absurd_res angry anthro applejack_(mlp) arms_tied arthropod belly blonde_hair blue_body blue_carpet blue_eyes blue_hair blue_rug blue_sclera blue_skin bodily_fluids bound box carpet changeling chest_markings clothing container crystal curled_hair curled_tail cutie_mark dragon elytron equid equine eyebrows eyelashes eyes_closed faitheverlasting fangs feathers feral floor fluttershy_(mlp) flying forked_tongue framed_picture friendship_is_magic fur gem gemstones gradient_body gradient_eyes green_belly green_body green_eyes green_hair green_horn green_legs green_scales green_skin green_spines green_tuft group hair happy hasbro hat headgear headwear hi_res highlights_(coloring) hissing hooves horn jewelry long_hair lying magic magic_user male mammal markings membrane_(anatomy) multicolored_hair multicolored_tail my_little_pony mythological_creature mythological_equine mythological_scalie mythology necktie on_back open_mouth orange_body orange_ears orange_hair orange_horn orange_skin orange_tongue pegasus pharynx_(mlp) photo photo_frame picture_frame pink_body pink_hair pink_skin pink_tail pinkie_pie_(mlp) purple_body purple_carpet purple_eyes purple_feathers purple_hair purple_magic purple_markings purple_nose purple_rug purple_scales purple_sclera purple_skin purple_tail purple_wings rainbow_dash_(mlp) rainbow_hair rainbow_tail raised_hoof rarity_(mlp) red_body red_hair red_horn red_membrane red_skin red_tail reformed_changeling rug scaled_underbelly scales scalie simple_background sitting spike_(mlp) spread_legs spread_wings spreading star_symbol straight_hair straight_tail striped_body stripes suit tail tears teary_eyes teeth thorax_(mlp) tongue tongue_out topwear trio tuft twilight_sparkle_(mlp) unicorn_horn vest wall_(structure) wavy_hair white_body white_carpet white_ears white_eyes white_fur white_hair white_horn white_rug white_scales white_tuft winged_unicorn wings yellow_body yellow_skin yellow_tail