Species: affinity (bayonetta)

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Affinity is the first enemy and class of angel introduced in the original Bayonetta. They are of the Third Sphere in the Hierarchy of Laguna.

Servants of Heaven that populate the lowest of the angelic hierarchy, a Third Sphere rank known simply as Angels. Humans with deep faith often feel these angels closest to their hearts. Descending from the heavens upon their pure white wings, it is believed that the glimmering halo atop an Affinity's head lights the path for those who have lost their way.
The religious articles they equip are all tools used to further their conviction to protect the righteous and can become powerful weapons used to strike down those with sullied hearts. ~Hierarchy of Laguna

Affinities are Angels with an avian appearance, vaguely similar to birds, as shown by their beaked faces, white wings and golden talons. Like other Angels, they too sport a humanoid face, although theirs is located at the nape of their long necks on the upper part, looking almost like a hood, it gives the appearance that their heads are protruding out of the human mouth. They come in 5 variants wielding different weapons. These weapons are: A Spiked Staff resembling a Crucifix, A Trumpet which fires energy orbs, A Sousaphone that fires a powerful arching energy beam, a Spiked Flail, and a Flaming Halberd.

Applaud and Ardor are the advanced forms of Affinity. Their demon equivalent is Hideous.

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