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QSMP (Quackity SMP) was a livestreamed multilingual roleplay Minecraft series created by Quackity and developed by Quackity Studios.

It had players that speak English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Korean and German. These players are enabled to communicate with each other through the use of the "Qlobal Translator", an in-game mod that transcribes and translates speech.

The server followed a group of players invited to stay on "Quesadilla Island", who quickly learn that it has dark secrets lurking under the surface and that their host, the anthropomorphic bear Cucurucho, might not be as well-intentioned as they try to seem. Players are also assigned adoptive children in the form of dragon eggs, who they must care for and keep alive.

QSMP Characters

A list of QSMP characters who have tags on-site.


Characters played by streamers on the server. Inactive characters are marked with an asterisk.


Dragon eggs that were assigned to the players to care for as their adopted children. They communicate using signs and are played by actors behind the scenes from Quackity Studios.


Other characters, such as other NPCs and alter-egos.

  • Binary Entities - Strange malicious entities made of binary code that are infesting the server.
  • Cucurucho - The host of Quesadilla Island, who works for the Federation.
  • El Pato - A duck who makes news announcements.
  • ElQuackity - Quackity's evil twin brother.
  • Fred - A faceless Federation worker who has a romance with Tubbo.
  • Gegg - Slimecicle's "egg" alter ego.

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