Lore: pseudo incest (lore)

A tag that generally refers to images or animations depicting characters engaging in sexual activity who are non-biologically related to each other, such as step-siblings, adopted children, in-laws, square crossovers and artificial beings. While not literally incest, with none of the risks of genetically "damaged" offspring, such pairings carry much of the mental taboo of incest, making it kinkier than most unrelated pairings.

Artificial beings, as in those who were created in a lab or factory rather than in a womb, would also fall into this category if the beings in question were created by the same individual or machine. Especially so when they're deliberately created to have a family dynamic to each other. This would technically make their creator as their parent and their other creations as their siblings. Robots don't have DNA so they fall into this category by default. Lab grown creatures would also be this if no genetic sampling between creatures is involved. If there was then this would make this into true incest or twincest if cloning is involved.

Things get even more muddier when it comes to square crossovers as both parties are biologically similar but they are not truly related to each other for some reason or another. Examples include having sex with an alternate reality/dimension counterpart/version of a relative.

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