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Sunnyclockwork is a relatively famous illustrator and writer who has spent over 10 Years producing illustrations of various objects, organizations, and characters in the SCP Foundation mythos for over a decade. They art is known for its distinctly surreal style and use of exclusively black and white to represent items and events. All of Sunnyclockwork's illustrations posted to SCP Foundation's Wikidot have the Creative Commons 3.0 License. Sunnyclockwork currently resides in The People's Republic of China. They have a semi-fictionalized version of them that is also an illustrator known as Solar Clockworks.

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2016 3_toes 5_claws 5_fingers anthro antlers arm_tuft bandage bandaged_arm bandaged_leg beast_(bloodborne) biped black_and_white bloodborne canid canine chain claws clothing covered_eyes crouching digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade ears_back elbow_tuft feet female female_anthro finger_claws fingers fromsoftware full-length_portrait fur fur_tuft hair headgear headwear holding_jewelry holding_necklace holding_object horn jewelry mammal monochrome necklace open_mouth pivoted_ears portrait prick_ears sharp_teeth side_view silhouette simple_background snout solo sony_corporation sony_interactive_entertainment sunnyclockwork teeth toes tuft vicar_amelia white_background wrapped_arms wrapped_legs
2016 2_heads 5_claws 5_fingers 8_legs aureola black_and_white bloodborne cape claws clothing crown digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) equid equid_taur equine equine_taur fetlocks fingers floating_crown fromsoftware headgear hi_res holding_melee_weapon holding_object holding_sword holding_weapon hooves ludwig_the_accursed_(bloodborne) male mammal mammal_taur mane melee_weapon monochrome monster multi_head multi_leg multi_limb old open_mouth sharp_teeth silhouette simple_background solo sony_corporation sony_interactive_entertainment sunnyclockwork sword tail taur teeth weapon white_background
2016 2_heads 5_claws 5_fingers alternate_species antlers arm_spikes biped black_and_white bloodborne capelet claws digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) duo elbow_spikes elemental_manipulation fingers fire fire_manipulation fromsoftware hi_res holding_melee_weapon holding_object holding_sword holding_weapon hooves horn horned_humanoid humanoid humanoidized ludwig_the_accursed_(bloodborne) male melee_weapon monochrome monster multi_head multi_limb old quadruped silhouette simple_background sony_corporation sony_interactive_entertainment spikes spikes_(anatomy) sunnyclockwork sword taur vicar_laurence_(bloodborne) weapon white_background
2016 6_eyes ambiguous_gender apode avian bird black_and_white bone digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) duo egg feathered_scalie feathered_wings feathers feral forked_tongue hi_res hybrid legless monochrome multi_eye multi_wing neck_spikes pupils reptile scales scalie scp-1420 scp_foundation serpentine silhouette simple_background skeleton slit_pupils snake spiked_tail spiked_wings spikes spikes_(anatomy) sunnyclockwork tail tongue tongue_out white_background wings