Lore: forced incest (lore)

When two or more familially related characters are forced to engage in sexual activities with each other. Either by a third party or other outside forces beyond their control.


  • Mind control / Possession / Body control - At least one participant have been taken over and is being made to engage in incestious activities with a relative of theirs against their will.
  • Bondage - The participants are strapped to a machine or bondage gear that forces them to have sex.
  • Coersion - A third party is threatening the participants to engage in incestious activities.

Not to be confused with

  • rape - Both participant are unwilling to engage in sex with one another and is being forced by a third party or outside force.
  • incest - Although the act itself is incestious, neither participants have any prior feeling to each other and are not doing this willingly.
  • accidental incest - The related characters have commited incest due to an accident or mistake.

Types of incest

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