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SCP-2933, aka, Mr. Scary is an anomalous entity in the SCP Foundation Mythos.

SCP-2933 has to components, SCP-2399-1 and SCP-2399-A. SCP-2399-1 is a large metal structure covered inside and outside with rust. The interior of SCP-2933-1 is labyrinthine and inconsistent; passages have been observed as changing, moving, or disappearing completely. The severe destabilization and corrosion of SCP-2933-1 has not appeared to hamper its primary function; currently it is believed that all passages within SCP-2933-1 lead to SCP-2933-A, and there is no way to return to the entrance.

SCP-2933-A is a male humanoid entity also covered in rust. It identifies itself as Mr. Smiles, and possesses a tattoo on his leg that indicate itself as such. However it is covered by rust that creates another tattoo identifying himself as Mr. Scary.

The implication is that Dr. Wondertainment, used to work with or for The Factory and became infected with their rust. Dr. Wondertainment transferred the rust to Mr. Smiles, and afraid and scared that it would someday return to him, he imprisoned Mr. Smiles within SCP-2933-1 until such time he can dins a cure for the rusting.

SCP-2933 is classified as Euclid.

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