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"Hello, my name is SCP-426. It is necessary for me to introduce myself this way in order to avoid confusion. I am a Toaster. I am a simple electric toaster capable of toasting up to 2 slices of bread if inserted inside me and if provided electrical power. My primary anomalous property activates when anyone tries to talk about me. Simply put, they will come to describe me in the first person even if they do not know I exist or if referring to individual pieces of me like screws. This makes talking about me very difficult and confusing. My secondary, anomalous property activates when people either spend a few months near me or a few months talking about me. Individuals who do this will come to identify themselves as toasters, and may injure themselves by trying to replicate my basic functions. This includes attempting to fill themselves up with as much sliced bread as humanely possible, or connecting themselves to electrical outlets. Despite this, they will still refer to me in the first person.According to some I am also an eldritch horror. The fact that people will still talk about me and identify as a toaster means that it is quite possible and likely to turn everyone in the world into me, even if my current form is reduced to atoms. Thankfully, I prefer to use my abilities to protect The Wanderer's Library.Oh, I almost forgot, I am designated as Euclid."

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2015 3_claws 3_fingers 5_fingers alternate_form ambiguous_gender animate_inanimate appliance biped black_and_white claws clothed clothed_human clothed_male clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) directional_arrow duo eldritch_abomination electrical_plug feral fingers hair hand_eye hi_res human johannes_sorts kitchen_appliance larger_ambiguous larger_feral male mammal monochrome multi_eye multi_mouth restricted_palette scp-426 scp_foundation sharp_teeth silhouette simple_background size_difference smaller_human smaller_male standing suit sunnyclockwork teeth toaster white_background
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2014 5_fingers ambiguous_gender appliance biped black_and_white bottomwear bread clothed clothed_ambiguous clothed_humanoid clothing digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) electrical_cord electrical_plug eyeless fingers food for_a_head front_view grin hi_res holding_object holding_toaster humanoid kitchen_appliance monochrome necktie noseless not_furry object_head open_mouth open_smile pants portrait scp-426 scp_foundation simple_background smile solo standing suit sunnyclockwork teeth three-quarter_portrait toast toaster white_background
1_eye 2013 2_horns alto_clef ambiguous_gender antennae_(anatomy) appliance arthropod avian beak bird bird_on_hand black_and_white bone butterfly candle clothes_hanger coffee_mug container cup cupcake dessert digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) doughnut dragon electronics english_text eyeball feathered_wings feathers feral fire flower food gastropod gastropod_shell gear ghost globe group horn hybrid insect insect_wings jewelry key kitchen_appliance knife lamp lepidopteran lepidopteran_wings lit_candle logo lute mollusk mollusk_shell monochrome mug musical_instrument musical_note mythological_creature mythological_scalie mythology open_mouth pastry pen pencil_(object) pendant phone plant plucked_string_instrument pupils puzzle_piece reptile restricted_palette scalie scp-111 scp-131 scp-131-a scp-131-b scp-198 scp-205 scp-408 scp-426 scp-447 scp-512 scp-668 scp-682 scp-963 scp_foundation sharp_teeth shell simple_background skeletal_arm skeleton slime slit_pupils snail snake spirit string_instrument sunnyclockwork teeth tentacle_creature tentacles text toaster ukulele umbrella white_background white_text wings