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SCP-1788, aka, The Adults is an anomalous object in the SCP Foundation Mythos.

SCP-1788 is a process that transforms prepubescent human children into instances of SCP-1788-1 instances. SCP-1788-1 instances look like normal humans but with several physical and psychological deviations. Those include morbid obesity, tall height, unusually large eye balls, high amounts of copper in sweat and blood, superhuman physical strength and intelligence, 4 arms, 2 hearts, 2 brains, several other redundant organs. Despite all this, SCP-1788 is capable of concealing most of these traits by simply keeping their lower arms hugged to their body and wearing baggy clothing.

SCP-1788-1 instances display personality traits similar to narcissistic personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, and psychopathy. They also display an extremely predatory behavior toward prepubescent children. They will frequently seek a form of white collar employment near but not with children to avoid suspicion. Once a month, they will stalk and eventually kidnap a prepubescent child and take them to a secluded place, where they will subject them to SCP-1788 and turn them into another SCP-1788-1 instance.

Contrary to popular belief, SCP-1788-1 instances are not pedophiles. From their perspective, SCP-1798-1 are what humans are supposed to be. Strong and Smart, capable of fending for themselves instead of relying on others. They wish to help other humans achieve this. SCP-1788 does not work on pubescents teenagers or post-pubescent adults, which is why they seek children which is why they see non-anomalous adults as children and compare them to axolotls, animals with stunted growth unable to achieve their true and final form.

SCP-1788 is classified as Keter.

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