Character: big bad wolf (fixed fairy tales)

This depiction of the Big Bad Wolf appears in three videos of HISHE Kids, a kids-oriented channel of How It Should Have Ended.

In Fixed Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood (, the Wolf plots to get Little Red Riding Hood and the muffins she brings with her, and they both meet. The Wolf tries to trick the girl for her muffins, but she lies to him using bear puns and tricks him into passing the sign "Three Bears' House" instead of "Grandma's House". The Wolf ends up going to the wrong house where he gets cornered by the Three Bears. Panicked, he screams in despair.

In Munchkin Music: Round and Round (, the Wolf tries out several Looney Tunes-style attempts to catch Little Red Riding Hood, but keeps being outsmarted by Featherbottom the owl. This culminates in the Wolf landing on a plate that the Three Bears sit at. He shows a sign in despair, which says "The end? (Please)".

In Fixed Fairy Tales: Three Little Pigs (, the Wolf, looking for something to eat, sees the first pig's house made from straw and calls to him that he wants in. After hearing Pig #1 rhyme with him, he tries to blow the straw house down, but Pig #1 launches a boxing glove cannon and knocks him into orbit. The Wolf (now with a busted eye) sees the second house made from wood and calls to the second pig, telling him to let him in. Pig #2 rhymes with him as well, and the Wolf gets angry again and tries to blow the wooden house down, but Pig #2 tosses a beehive at him and bees come out and surround him, making him run away screaming with the bees chasing after him. After that, the Wolf emerges, now covered in bee stings and grief-stricken. He accidentally knocks his tooth out on something, which turns out to be a third house made from bricks. The Wolf sorrowfully calls through the door, wailing that he needs help for his injuries and that he wants in, but the third pig rhymes with him and makes the Wolf so terrified he freaks out and tries to escape. Pig #3 activates another trap, which is a spring trap in the grass, and launches the Wolf into orbit. The Wolf finally falls through the roof of the Three Bears' house and lands on the Baby Bear's bed, which he breaks by accident. He gets cornered by the Three Bears again and becomes even more scared. He was finally heard screaming offscreen in despair during the last cut to the house.

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