Character: bass boosted soldier

A male soldier who interrupts animations with bass boosted vocals, often ranting about the male in the animation shirking off his duties and how he's the only one who gets any work done.

User CorytheHorse initially called him "Bass Boosted Ranting Soldier." This was shortened and his current name was shortened and mentioned by user Daneasaur into Bass Boosted Soldier, which is what has stuck.

The voice is "AI" generated, thus all animated uploads of the character speaking must have ai_generated_audio tagged on it.

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2024 3_heads 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation advertisement ai_generated_audio ai_voice animal_genitalia animal_penis animated annoyed anthro arm_tuft armor bass_boosted_soldier bear belt big_breasts big_penis black_body black_fur blue_penis blue_sky bottomwear breasts bulletproof_vest canid canid_demon canine canine_genitalia canine_penis cerberus cerberus_(fortnite) chair cheering clothed clothing day demon dialogue digital_media_(artwork) diving empty_eyes english_audio epic_games european_mythology explicitly_stated_nonconsent female fence fortnite from_behind_position fur furniture gauntlets genitals gloves glowing greek_mythology hair handwear hellhound hi_res hood human humor imminent_sex interrupted jacket king_crimson_(jjba) kissing_cheek kneeling lifeguard_chair light long_playtime male male/female mammal meme multi_head multicolored_body mythological_canine mythological_creature mythology nipples nude outside palm_tree pants paper partially_clothed penis plant pool poolside profanity purple_body purple_eyes rant raven_team_leader sex shadow_face shitpost short_hair shoulder_tuft side_view sky sleeveless sound source_filmmaker_(artwork) standing sunlight swimming teal_eyes thigh_sex topwear tree tuft turborenegade two_tone_body visor_helmet voice_acted webm whistle_(object)
3d_(artwork) aiming_weapon anthro bass_boosted_soldier beach beverage black_body black_fur black_hair black_sclera blue_sky bone boombox bulletproof_vest canid canine chair clothed clothing cooler crossed_legs day digital_media_(artwork) duo empty_eyes eyewear female fully_clothed fur furniture hair hand_on_belly hi_res human imminent_death inner_ear_fluff jumpsuit knee_pads long_hair mal0 male mammal messy_hair oblivious outside palm_tree plant ranged_weapon relaxing rocket_launcher scp-1471 scp-1471-a scp-1471-a_(da.nilkaz) scp_foundation skull skull_head sky source_filmmaker_(artwork) standing sunglasses tail tree tuft turborenegade unaware visor_helmet weapon white_eyes white_face
16:9 2024 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation ai_generated_audio animal_genitalia animal_penis animated animatronic annoyed anthro armwear balls bass_boosted_soldier beverage bulletproof_vest burntrap_(fnaf) canid canine canine_genitalia canine_penis canis chair clothing coffee collar container cuff_(restraint) cup dark_room dialogue digital_media_(artwork) drinking duo english_audio eyeliner female five_nights_at_freddy's five_nights_at_freddy's:_security_breach fur furniture genitals gesture gynomorph hair hand_gesture hi_res human human_on_anthro humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis inside intersex intersex/male interspecies knot legwear long_playtime looking_at_another looking_at_partner looking_at_viewer lying machine makeup male male/female mammal meme mug multiple_angles on_back on_chair penetration penis pointing profanity purple_body purple_fur restraints robot roxanne_wolf roxanne_wolf_(mayosplash) sad scottgames sitting sitting_on_chair sound source_filmmaker_(artwork) steel_wool_studios surprise tablet turborenegade vaginal vaginal_penetration visor_helmet webm white_hair widescreen wolf wrist_cuffs yelling yellow_eyes
16:9 3d_(artwork) 3d_animation advertisement ai_generated_audio ambiguous_gender animated annoyed arthropod bass_boosted_soldier black_body black_eyes black_skin breasts bulletproof_vest butt carapace cave cloak clothed clothing dark dialogue digital_media_(artwork) duo empty_eyes english_audio female fingerless_gloves genitals gesture gloves glowing glowing_eyes grinding hand_gesture handwear hi_res hollow_knight hollow_knight_(character) hornet_(hollow_knight) hot_dogging human humanoid humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis humor imminent_sex inside interrupted long_playtime looking_at_another low_framerate male male/female mammal mask meme middle_finger nude penis screaming segmented_body sex shitpost sound source_filmmaker_(artwork) stab team_cherry turborenegade vessel_(species) visor_helmet voice_acted weapon webm widescreen