Character: minty (mlp g3)

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A pony from MLP G3 that loves socks, and the main character of A Very Minty Christmas. She has mint green fur, pink hair, and a peppermint cutie mark. She is one of the most popular G3 characters.

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2024 blue_body carrying_another clothing cutepencilcase cutie_mark drawing duo earth_pony equid equine female female_feral feral flying footwear fur green_body green_fur hair happy hasbro heart_symbol hi_res hooves horse lying mammal minty_(mlp_g3) mlp_g3 multicolored_hair multiple_images musical_note my_little_pony mythological_creature mythological_equine mythology on_front open_mouth pegasus pink_body pink_hair pony quadruped rainbow_hair sitting smile socks star star_catcher_(pre-g4) starry_eyes thistle_whistle_(mlp) toola_roola_(mlp_g3) white_body wings
2024 alpha_channel blep blush candy clothing cutepencilcase cutie_mark dessert earth_pony equid equine eyelashes female female_feral feral food footwear fur green_body green_fur hair hasbro hi_res hooves horse mammal minty_(mlp_g3) mismatched_socks mlp_g3 my_little_pony peppermint_(candy) pink_eyes pink_hair pink_tail pony quadruped simple_background socks solo tail tongue tongue_out transparent_background
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2021 accessory artist_name bent_legs blush bow_(feature) bow_ribbon cloven_hooves colored cutie_mark digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) earth_pony equid equine eyelashes female feral flat_colors fur furgonomics greengrizz hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon hasbro head_turned heart_symbol hooves horse long_tail mammal mane minty_(mlp_g3) mlp_g3 multicolored_body multicolored_fur multicolored_hair multicolored_mane multicolored_tail my_little_pony open_mouth pink_background pink_bow pink_eyes pink_hair pink_mane pink_tail pony quadruped raised_leg raised_tail ribbons simple_background smile solo tail tail_accessory tail_bow tail_ribbon teal_body teal_fur teal_hooves