smaller child

When the image contains a parent and a child and the child is smaller.

If the parent is not in the image, do not tag as smaller_child. Everybody is somebody's child, with rare exceptions of characters that have no parents such as deities and gems.

If the character appears young, tag as smaller_young. A child may not be young if they have grown up to be adults, and a young character should not be tagged as a child if the parent is not in the image.

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2024 5_fingers absurd_res anthro artist_name big_breasts big_tail blonde_hair bodily_fluids bottomwear breasts brown_hair cavemanon_studios cleavage clothed clothed_anthro clothed_female clothed_male clothing curvy_figure deadassspider detailed_background digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dinosaur duo exercise exercise_bike extinct eyelashes female female_anthro fingers freckled_shoulders freckles goodbye_volcano_high hadrosaurid hair hi_res inside larger_anthro larger_clothed larger_female larger_parent long_tail male male_anthro mother_(lore) mother_and_child_(lore) mother_and_son_(lore) multicolored_body multicolored_scales naomi_(gvh) one_eye_closed orange_body orange_scales ornithischian ornithopod parasaurolophus parent_(lore) parent_and_child_(lore) parent_and_son_(lore) pink_body pink_clothing pink_scales pink_shirt pink_tank_top pink_topwear prehistoric_species red_body red_scales reptile scales scalie shirt short_hair shorts size_difference smaller_anthro smaller_child smaller_clothed smaller_male snoot_game snout son_(lore) spiked_tail spikes spikes_(anatomy) sweat sweatdrop tail tank_top teal_eyes thick_thighs tommy_(snoot_game) tongue tongue_out topwear towel two_tone_body two_tone_scales voluptuous watermark white_body white_scales wide_hips workout yellow_eyes
1:1 2022 absurd_res ambiguous_gender anthro avian avian_feet bird chest_tuft chizitx clothed clothing crown digital_media_(artwork) duo english_text eyes_closed father_(lore) father_and_child_(lore) father_and_son_(lore) feathers geometric_background headgear helluva_boss hi_res holding_character larger_parent male mask masquerade_mask owl owl_demon paimon_(helluva_boss) parent_(lore) parent_and_child_(lore) parent_and_son_(lore) red_eyes signature simple_background size_difference smaller_child smaller_young son_(lore) stolas_(helluva_boss) text tuft wearing_mask young young_ambiguous young_anthro
absurd_res anal anal_penetration animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro anthro_on_anthro anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro ball_size_difference balls balls_deep big_balls big_dom_small_sub bodily_fluids body_hair claws countershading dialogue digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) dominant dominant_male duo english_text erection father_(lore) father_and_child_(lore) father_and_son_(lore) genital_fluids genitals hi_res holding_character incest_(lore) larger_male larger_parent lizard machine male male/male male_anthro male_penetrated male_penetrating male_penetrating_male muscular muscular_male nude open_mouth orgasm_face parent_(lore) parent_and_child_(lore) parent_and_son_(lore) penetration penis protogen protogen_visor red_body red_scales redishdragie reptile scales scalie sex size_difference smaller_child smaller_male smaller_penetrated soleil_(itstedda) son_(lore) spiral_eyes tail text thick_tail zartersus
absurd_res blackblood-queen book breasts chakat chakat_blackstripe chakat_couture cuddling daughter_(lore) duo felid felid_taur female herm_(lore) hi_res inside larger_parent mammal mammal_taur mother_(lore) mother_and_child_(lore) mother_and_daughter_(lore) nude pantherine parent_(lore) parent_and_child_(lore) parent_and_daughter_(lore) sleeping smaller_child taur tiger