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This tag is used when one image contains the same character(s) progressing though an event over time, usually for a still image turntable effect or to show events such as transformation.

Sequence does not apply to post sequences. Those should be pooled instead.

Character counts are not cumulative. If the sequence features a single character it should be tagged as solo, and so on.

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2020 absurd_res all_fours ambiguous_gender angry anthro bag black_hair black_sclera bottomwear breast_expansion breasts brown_body brown_fur canid canine canis cleavage clenched_teeth clothed clothing duo ear_expansion eyes_closed eyewear female footwear fur fur_growth ghost glasses hair hat headgear headwear hi_res human human_to_anthro legwear mammal naturally_censored nipples nude red_eyes scared sequence sharp_teeth shoes simple_background skirt smile socks species_transformation spirit standing surprise tail_growth teeth thatweirdguyjosh torn_clothing transformation were werecanid werecanine werewolf wolf
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