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A character stimulating their penis with their own mouth and/or tongue — orally masturbating. This should not be tagged as fellatio.

Characters typically position themselves in particular ways to minimize the distance between their genitals and face, however, a character with a hyper_penis may be able to fellate themselves without any contortion or bending.

Not to be confused with...

Autofellatio involves the character's penis in their own mouth, or heavily implied to have just been in their own mouth. The following tags specifically involve the character's tongue making contact with their own penis, which can occur alongside, or independent of autofellatio. If the character's penis is only being stimulated by their tongue, do not use autofellatio.


A character licking their own penis, making minimal tongue to penis contact with the glans or shaft.
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A character with a long tongue, using it to orally masturbate, usually wrapping their tongue around the shaft of their penis.
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Related Tags
Autofellatio Tags

Tags specifically describing variations on or actions that can occur during autofellatio

  • autofellatio_while_penetrated — a character being penetrated by another character or by a sex toy, anally or vaginally, while performing autofellatio
    • this can also involve a character being rimmed while performing autofellatio
  • autotitfuck — an intersex character using their breasts and mouth to stimulate their penis
  • forced_autofellatio — a character being forcibly positioned by a second character or through bondage to orally stimulate their own penis

These tags can apply to common poses a character may be in while performing autofellatio


Particular anatomical features that may aid in performing autofellatio

Unusual Methods

Using unusual anatomy, magical or science fiction methods to perform autofellatio


Tags describing where a character ejaculates after performing autofellatio

See Also

The following tags are aliased to this tag: self_service, self_suck, self_fellatio, auto_fellatio, selfsuck (learn more).

This tag implicates oral_masturbation, penile_masturbation (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: portal_autofellatio, forced_autofellatio, autofellatio_while_penetrated (learn more).

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