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Male/male describes homosexual, homoerotic, or homoromantic activities or behaviour between male characters.

Examples of Male/Male Content
  • male characters engaging in, or about to engage in sexual activities with each other
  • male characters hugging in a romantic context (not familial or platonic)
  • male characters kissing, licking each other, massaging one another, cuddling, handholding or dating
  • fetish imagery featuring male characters interacting with each other - (e.g. a male hypnotizing another male, a male dominating another male)
  • a male character presenting, grabbing or groping the body of another male character
  • a pair (or more) of male characters posed suggestively together, usually while in in close physical proximity (e.g. ass to ass or take your pick images with only a male duo)

This tag also applies to solo focus images where a male character is sexually interacting with other male character who is mostly off screen, or is represented by a disembodied penis, this also includes male pov images where the viewer is interacting with a male character.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: male/male/male, malexmale, gay, mm, malemale, mlm, malesbian, yaoi, male_on_male, m/m, homo, male_x_male, male_top_male_bottom, male_male, m/m/m (learn more).

This tag implicates male (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: male_penetrating_male (learn more).

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