penis outline

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Explicit Tag
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Tagged when a character's penis is not directly visible, but can be seen as clearly present under clothing, erect or not. As the penis is not directly visible, this should not be tagged in conjunction with penis or balls (except in rare cases where the latter is visible while the penis isn't).

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: vpl, visible_penis_line, camel_tail, cock_outline (learn more).

This tag implicates genital_outline, detailed_bulge (learn more).

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abs anthro areola barazoku beard big_muscles biped bulge clothed clothing clothing_pull detailed_bulge eyebrow_piercing facial_hair facial_piercing fangs felid front_view genital_outline glistening glistening_body green_background hair hi_res huge_muscles humanityisdoomed lion male male_anthro mammal multicolored_body muscular muscular_male nipples pantherine penis_outline piercing pink_body pink_hair pink_skin portrait simple_background solo speedo speedo_only swimwear teeth three-quarter_portrait topless two_tone_body
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