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Almost 2500 edits, but I can't tag properly anymore when tired.
Heck, I hid the blip prior to this one due dumb spelling mistakes thanks to my tired state ._.
I'll hit the hay for today. G'nite.

I did a couple more Lucario sketches last night. They're somewhat questionable in terms of the postures I depicted him in.

One is akin to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda cover, and the other is like looking directly behind him as he appears to be rolling over.

Oh, the main four Planeswalkers the Magic universe got together to save Zendikar from an invasion of reality-devouring Eldritch horrors, then made a pact to protect the multiverse together.

That's cool. Where was this "Gatewatch" when Mirrodin fell?

Fine bros sub count site:
Lost while you were here: -2.
Huh? Should that go up— suddenly it jumps up to 12... And then kept going up.
I guess I just happened to catch two people sub to them.

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I don't know. They might not. They don't seem very sorry about it. They seem to just want to get some point across that's its not as bad as it seems. Besides youtube people are dumb, they get mad really quick but then it washes away.