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Topic: Tag alias: person_as_gift -> gift_wrapped

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The tag alias #47384 person_as_gift -> gift_wrapped is pending approval.

Reason: We should avoid "person".

All cases seem to present a case, where a character is having gift wrapping on them.

Should there emerge a case, where a character is presented as a gift, without being wrapped as one, character_as_gift should be brought to use, instead of person_as_gift or person_present.

This relates to alias request person_present -> gift_wrapped

Why should we avoid "person"? Is this a site rule somewhere?



ccoyote said:
Why should we avoid "person"? Is this a site rule somewhere?


generally "character" is better to use than "person" as peeps are gonna argue that ferals aren't "people", and other dumb shit, it's best to cut out as much ambiguity as possible.


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gift-wrapped is too vague for this.
Though yes, 'character' would be more in-line with the existing standards than 'person'.

How about aliasing these to character_as_gift instead?



The bulk update request #332 is pending approval.

Reason: A mass update of gift_wrapped -> character_as_gift, along with several more aliases. Associated with aliases from topic #27634 and topic #27635.

  • I'm also wondering if similar tags like naked_ribbon should also be aliased to character_as_gift, or if it would be better suited under the *_only group of tags.

ribbon_bondage and character_as_gift should be kept separate and naked_ribbon could be either. Also I hope you realize that this would also mean that all of the characters being placed in boxes would now be mixed in with all of the characters wrapped in ribbons. Only the gift wrapped tagged have been placed in character as gift, none of the other concepts in the gift tag have yet.

It will probably be fine to merge the tags, but I wont be sure until I have a better idea of the use cases.


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