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Posts depicting at least one character who isn't wearing any clothing at all. Not even stockings or a hat, or other non-covering clothing.

What counts as nude?

A character is allowed to wear the following items and still be considered nude:

Nudity does not have to be erotic. This tag applies even if a character's genitals and/or nipples are not visible (such as when covered by a bed sheet or a towel, or by fur), and even when the character is drawn in a cartoonish manner and does not appear to have genitalia.

Feral characters should not be tagged as nude. A feral character wearing clothes should be tagged with clothed_feral. (Forum discussion topic #31927)
A character is not to be assumed to be wearing anything, unless it is seen. (twys) Hence a character not wearing any topwear behind a desk with their bottom not visible on the image, is to be assumed completely nude, unless there is some indication that the rest of their body would not be equally exposed. (A typical news reader on TV is wearing topwear, which gives a visible reason to assume they are wearing bottomwear too.)

Nudity is generally rated Questionable or higher, but non-sexualized cartoon (ie: characters whose standard appearance is nude, such as Bugs Bunny and others) or barbie doll nudity (ie: nude by the standards of the character(s) but having "nothing to see") can be rated Safe.

Not to be confused with

  • partially_clothed - open pants, unbuttoned shirts, and other partially worn clothing.
  • mostly_nude - when a character is almost fully naked, except for non-covering clothing such as gloves, boots, or a hat.

Related tags

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: completely_nude, nudes, naked, no_clothes, nudity, unclothed, sfw_nudity (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: clothed/nude, skinny_dipping, mask_only, eyewear_only, necklace_only, boa_only, collar_only, tasteful_nudity (learn more).

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