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Tag this on images that tell a story with sequential panels of events or dialogue. Note, however, that a single panel can take up an entire page (i.e., an entire post) of a multi-page comic.

All posts belonging to a multi-page story must be tagged comic, including the cover page if there is one, and they should be pooled together.

  • For single-page stories that don't use panels or that have decidedly shallow narratives, consider tagging sequence.
  • Character count is tagged by the scene. For example, if the page depicts three characters having dinner at the same table, it should be tagged as a group even if they're shown in separate panels. Likewise, if only a single character is shown three times in three different panels, it still counts as solo.

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2020 5_fingers anthro big_tail biped black_border black_nose border bottomwear bubble building canid canine canis cheek_tuft city clothed clothing cloud comic day detailed_background digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) english_text facial_tuft fingers flashback fluffy fluffy_tail footwear fur fur_tuft grass greyscale hair hi_res house looking_away looking_back male mammal monochrome multiple_scenes outside rear_view rock rope s2-freak schwarzpelz shirt shoes short_hair shorts side_view signature sitting sky solo sun swing teeth text three-quarter_view topwear tree tuft village watermark wide_eyed wolf
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2010 altruistic_complex anthro ayame_(zillford) black_and_white black_eyes border clothed clothing comic english_text eyebrow_through_hair eyebrows female hair hi_res mammal monochrome open_mouth procyonid raccoon simple_background solo spacecraft text tongue translucent translucent_hair vehicle white_background white_border zillford
2010 altruistic_complex black_and_white black_background border comic english_text hi_res mammal monochrome not_furry procyonid raccoon simple_background spacecraft text vehicle white_border zillford