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When a character transforms from one form to another, whether it be by innate biological ability, magical interference, or some form of technology.

Transformation process tag table:

Rows represent initial forms ("before") and columns represent the end result ("after"). Transformations to the same relative body type (e.g. "feral to feral") are not tagged.

feral X feral_to_anthro feral_to_humanoid(!A) feral_to_human(!) feral_to_inanimate(!A) feral_to_taur(XWA)
anthro anthro_to_feral X anthro_to_humanoid(!A) anthro_to_human(!) anthro_to_inanimate(A) anthro_to_taur(!A)
humanoid humanoid_to_feral(!A) humanoid_to_anthro(A) X humanoid_to_human(XWA) humanoid_to_inanimate(!A) humanoid_to_taur(!A)
human human_to_feral human_to_anthro human_to_humanoid(A) X human_to_inanimate(A) human_to_taur(A)
inanimate inanimate_to_feral (XWA) inanimate_to_anthro (!WA) inanimate_to_humanoid(XWA) inanimate_to_human(XWA) X inanimate_to_taur (XWA)
taur taur_to_feral(XWA) taur_to_anthro(XWA) taur_to_humanoid(XWA) taur_to_human(XWA) taur_to_inanimate(XWA) X

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: tf_sex, tsf, tf, transforming, transform, transfur, transformation_sex, sex_transformation, sex_tf (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: gender_transformation, cock_transformation, cum_transformation, anthro_to_feral, feral_to_anthro, scat_transformation, goo_transformation, species_transformation, forced_transformation, evolution_(transformation), inanimate_transformation, suit_transformation, transformation_through_sex, human_to_taur, anthro_to_taur, feral_to_taur, humanoid_to_taur, food_transformation (learn more).

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