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Tagged for noticeable presence of penis and/or balls under clothing. This may be because of tight clothing, or because the genitalia is just too damn large.

Note that penis and balls should not be tagged if the genitalia is not directly visible.

Bulges are usually rated Questionable or higher, but discreet bulges (small, and not the focus of the post) on characters wearing clothing such as swimwear may be rated Safe.

This tag has nothing to do with tags such as abdominal bulge, intestinal bulge, pectoral bulge and a variety of other tags which describe a similar bulge, albeit visible through a character's body rather than clothes.

Related tags:

  • back_bulge - Bulge visible from behind.
  • bulge_fondling - When a bulge is being fondled on.
  • bulge_frottage - Frottage through the barrier of clothes.
  • bulge_grab - When a bulge is being grabbed onto.
  • bulge_in_face - When a bulge is being pushed against/smothered on another's face.
  • camel_toe - The pussy version of bulge.
  • detailed_bulge - When a bulge is detailed enough to distinguish the location of the balls, sheath, and/or penis.
  • genital_outline - When the shape of the entire genitals are clearly defined, rather than being an amorphous lump.
    • balls_outline - When the shape of the balls is clearly defined, rather than being an amorphous lump.
    • penis_outline - When the shape of the penis is clearly defined, rather than being an amorphous lump.
    • sheath_outline - When a sheath outline is visible through the clothing, often an underwear.
  • nipple_outline - When the nipple outline can be seen through clothing.
  • poking_out - When a penis or balls are only partially clothed by underwear (usually also tagged with bulge if e.g. the balls make one).
    • penis_through_fly - When a penis is poking through the hole found in certain types of underwear or pants.
    • sheath_through_fly - When a sheath is poking through the hole found in certain types of underwear or pants.
  • tenting - When an erection is causing cloth to "tent".

The following tags are aliased to this tag: bulges, macro_bulge, cock_bulge, underwear_bulge, penis_bulge, buldge, pants_bulge, crotch_bulge, visible_bulge (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: big_bulge, bulge_lick, bulge_frottage, bulge_size_difference, detailed_bulge, bulge_from_behind, bulge_sniffing, throbbing_bulge (learn more).

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